Hello Tumblr. My name is Froy, or you can call me Troy as well, whatever you prefer. I am a 24 year old boy who lives in a small town in Belgium. I don’t know what to say in a personal description, but hey anyway – let’s do this. This is my personal tumblr where I write stuff, post stuff and just… Being myself. For me, tumblr is a place where I can let go of things on my mind and just the things I like. I am fond of photography, going to concerts (oh, you’ll notice that Mika and Robbie Williams are my true idols ;-)), coffee, beautiful quotes, going around with friends, … Did I already mention I am not good at writing personal stuff? Uh. You know, if you want to know something or ask anything or just talk about random stuff… My askbox is always open for anyone. I am here for you.
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That… Is not what I expected

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Each blossom still blooms in its field; each child still clutches your hand; each friend still lingers in your heart.

And that, dear Troy, is where time goes.

TUT, The Universe


I’m quite proud of the things I bought over the last weekend!

I love the blazer and my new “Sherlock”-wintercoat! Don’t look too much at the room ‘cause it’s quite messy as my sister arrived over the last week and I’ll be cleaning over the coming days, but I wanted to show this right away, ‘cause as I said I’m quite proud of them! I really love them!

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Please take me back.

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